About Run's Done Car Seat CoversAbout Run's Done Car Seat Covers

Our patented Run's Done Car Seat Covers are unique towel seat covers for runners and active lifestyles. Designed as a universal seat cover, they work as SUV seat covers, truck seat covers and car seat covers. They are easy to use and require no straps to keep them in place! Choose from a variety of colorful car seat covers. Perfect as a cloth, vinyl or leather seat protector.

How did this unique car seat cover begin? Run’s Done started out as the brainchild of an individual, lifelong runner – more accurately a lifelong, sweaty runner who was tired of ruining his car’s leather seats. His long runs fueled the creative process, which spawned prototypes, conversations and feedback which turned in to a relay run of sorts - passing the concept from runner to runner, athlete to athlete. Through chats around town and around the neighborhood firepit, it morphed in to a movement of Us that included supportive friends and family. And in ways that we never expected, and quicker than we ever imagined, Run’s Done has grown in to an Us with fingers that delve deep nationwide and across all boundaries and lifestyles. Our patent-pending car seat covers that keep seats clean & dry became the perfect fit for all of Us!

Us is, of course, the runners. And the fantastic thing about runners is that they encompass every single, little bitty demographic that the world has to offer. They literally cross all boundaries and fall in to a hundred niches from there! There’s the daily runner, the weekender, the trail-runner, the stress-relief runner, the mud-runner, the morning-runner, the obstacle-runner, the fair-weather runner, the through-wind-snow-sleet-or-hail runner.

They run to lose weight. They run to keep the weight off. They run to get out of the house. They run because their friend needs a running partner. They run for charity races. They run just for the t-shirt. They run for the real hardware. They run for time. They run to forget about time.

They can be found anywhere from back roads to your local gym to concrete paths to city streets to treadmills in their basement. They are a massive group of incredibly diverse humans that has a really cool way of somehow still establishing a warm camaraderie no matter if you’re a rookie or a lifer. And we couldn’t be more proud to have the runners be a part of Us.

But we’d be thoughtless and negligent if we failed to mention the rest of Us.

Us the NON-runners?! (insert surprised eyes emoji here)

Sigh. We know. It’s not just about runners…Us is really about Ride’s Done, Soccer’s Done, Work’s Done, Yoga’s Done, You-name-it’s done. Right?

Us the parents with active (ie. sweaty, stinky, muddy, soaking wet) kids, and Us the parents of dirty pets who love to ride along in the car.  And Us the CrossFit and barre aficionados and hot yoga fanatics. And Us the high school football player who cares a whole lot about his new car.  And Us the gym rats and Us the retail store owners and Us the…well, you get the picture.

So to tell you a little bit About Us, it might just be easier to simply take a look in the mirror. Because, more than likely, you’re one of Us, too. And we’re thrilled to have you in the car with us!