#RUNbright for National Runner Safety Month

#RUNbright for National Runner Safety Month

November 09, 2017

Head’s up! November is “National Runner’s Safety Month” and our friends at the Running Industry Association are committed to "shedding some light on the subject." Their campaign "RUN SMART. RUN BRIGHT." is well underway and we'd like to share with you some of their helpful tips.

Don’t just “BE.”

BE BOLD!  Wear high visibility, reflective clothing & accessories.

BE SEEN!  Use headlamps, hand-held & body-mounted lighting devices.

BE CONNECTED!  Bring a phone – in case of emergency!

BE TOGETHER!  Go with a friend – because it’s WAY more fun!

BE AWARE!  Pay attention to what’s in front of you – and behind!

And while on the topic, since we’re not a running safety product per se, we’d like to address a far less serious, “safety” (with a little “s”) issue…

We're betting that you’ve been logging some serious mileage on your runs lately and we’re afraid of what’s next. You’re treading on seriously dangerous territory. We know, because we’ve been there.

Let’s see…how do we put this? You…ummm…you have an odor. What we mean is, you have an aroma. An essence? A musk? A bouquet?

We hate to call it B.O., we do, but . . . this is a potential safety issue, after all. We’re just trying to help.

Unfortunately, your car seats are soaking it up, too.

It’s not (all) your fault, ya' know. You’re a runner! You just finished an awesome workout and you have to get back home somehow!

And that’s when you sink your sweaty, nasty, schtinky, “organic” self...right there in to your car seat.

You know those videos of dust mites and bed bugs and all that bizarre looking stuff that resides right under our noses inside our homes? Have you considered your car seats? Good gracious. We can’t E-VEN!

Our bodies are covered in bacteria, viruses, mites and fungi. (It’s not a judgement; that’s science, folks!) Add a little sweat (or a lot, in some cases) and you’re making a chaotic cocktail that will now have a new home deep inside the grain of your leather car seats - or worse! – your cloth seats. They’re like a sponge! Your car seats are just sitting there, waiting to soak up all that salty goodness down to the innerspring core, concocting the perfect storm of bacteria and fungus and…yes, that STENCH! You might not notice it right away. It’s sort of like your own scent, it’s hard to detect. It’s like trying to smell your own breath. Or like your Grandma’s house - you know SHE doesn’t think it smells weird. Well, your car works the same way.

We’re just trying to keep everyone safe here, folks. For the safety of your clothes, your bare skin and your passenger’s olfactory system, we urge you to take precautions.

So, as we make our way through this National Runner’s Safety Month we urge you – for the safety of you and those around you…keep moving your feet – but cover your seat! Get yourself a Run's Done Seat Cover now!

And for real safety products, we urge you to visit any one of our awesome retailers who will help you #RUNbright tonight. 

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